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Posted on July 25th, 2017.
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Do you ever feel overwhelmed and guilty at the same time?

Guilty that you ‘should’ be able to get more done in a day?

Guilty that you’ve fallen behind ^again^?

As sensitive introverts it’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed, with our energy fragmented – our internal and external environment can throw up all sorts of obstacles in our way.

This prevents us from feeling peaceful and calm, and makes ‘getting stuff done’ in our business even harder.

We can become overwhelmed by our inner critic, our inner perfectionist, even our own ‘rules’ about what we ‘should’ be able to do in a day.

External factors like the amount of noise around us (too little?, too much?) the temperature and the views/opinions of others can tip us over the edge into overwhelm.

When what you really want is peace, tranquility AND to be able to get stuff done – what’s the solution ?

Here’s a quick video I recorded – teaching you a simple technique to deal with troubling thoughts – and it works even if you don’t fully ‘believe’ it will.

Your conscious mind can reject it, but it will work anyway!

Isn’t that cool?!


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and looking for a more permanent solution?

I’m very excited to share that my first live retreat is happening this September!

I’m hugely excited and very grateful that my dear friend, Mary Skinner, will be co-hosting this retreat with me.

She’s a gifted healer and all round gentle soul, who’s taught me so much over the many years I’ve known her.

Without her help I would certainly not be where I am today.

She has a special gift for sensing the blocks and ‘stuff’ that’s deeply hidden inside us, and gently releasing it – with no words, no touch – just using her energy to tap into your energy.

Mary is the reason that I’m now living in my dream home in Scotland!

She’s been with me every step of my journey from struggling, overwhelmed widow, to feeling calm, nurtured and whole again.

I started off working with Mary in person, and continued my work with her over Skype.


I really want you to experience her gifts for yourself, and the difference she will make in your life – and on my retreat you can work with her in person!!

On the Reconnecting to Self retreat Mary will be teaching us how to be aware of our own energy boundaries, and to reclaim what is ‘ours’, and let go of what is not ours.


This is another powerful way that we can get out of overwhelm and back to a core sense of who we are and what’s ‘ok’ for us.

The doors are now open for registration, and I’m so looking forward to spending time with a wonderful group of heart-centred introverts – for nourishment, reconnection and renewal.

If this sounds like something you’d love then do check out the retreat page here.

I’d love to welcome you to my retreat if it feels like a good fit for you!

Wishing you calm, tranquility and peacefulness in your life and business!


Over to you:

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