Is This You?

You’re passionate about making a difference in the world, but you’re struggling to get your business off the ground …

You’ve spent lots of time and money on various trainings to transform your life and learn new skills, so you can make people’s lives better in some way. Yet it’s so frustrating that you’ve made little progress in attracting paying clients.

You’d love to build your business so that you can reach more people,

and fulfil your dream of making a real impact in the world in a way that makes best use of your skills and talents.

In your better moments you’re ambitious and driven …

yet fears and self-sabotage can mean that you often waste a lot of time and don’t have much to show for your working time.

You’ve got great ideas about what you’d like to create …

and once you’ve got clear steps to follow then you can be focussed and productive.

You might have already taken business building and marketing courses,

so you’ve got some idea of what steps you need to take, if only you could get out of your own way long enough.

Thoughts of building your business bring up all kinds of fears …

You fear being visible, being judged, ‘getting it wrong’, being overwhelmed (by too many clients, too many responsibilities).

So you shrink back into your safe shell again.

You’ve had great results with the clients you’ve had …

yet the thought of ‘putting yourself out there’ is really scary, so it’s hard to build on your success by reaching more people.

I want to help you take consistent action to build your business,

to feel good about expressing yourself and your ideas, to reach more people without burnout or overwhelm, and to attract paying clients.

My approach works for :

  • Introvert business owners who help, heal or create, such as coaches, holistic practitioners, yoga, Pilates and dance teachers, artists, designers, and many other service professions.
  • Introverts who would like to become self-employed in a helping, healing or creative realm.

And it works best if you’re:

  • Willing to take responsibility for your own well-being
  • Adventurous and willing to explore your internal terrain!
  • Willing to stick to the plan, and take consistent action (even in baby steps)

If this sounds like you…

Then I’d love you to download a copy of my free e-book, Visibility for Introverts

a55b1-3d copyIt will show you how you can attract paying clients to your business no matter how scared you are to be visible.

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