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Are you an introvert in business who’s feeling frustrated, stuck, and struggling to get your business off the ground?

Ann Brown introvert

I’ve worked with so many introverted business owners who secretly believe that being introverted means they’ll never be successful in business. They see other people speaking confidently at networking events and looking like they’ve got it all together, and in comparison they feel like they don’t have what it takes.

They think that because they’re quiet and reflective, they’re somehow not destined to make a real impact on anyone.

Or you might be like other introverts I’ve met who feel safest running their business from behind their computer. You know that to reach your potential you really need to get out in the world, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.  

Does any of that resonate with you?

If it does, I want to reassure you that what you’re feeling is perfectly normal. I know this because I’ve been there too. And here’s something I want you to know:


Despite what you might be telling yourself internally, you CAN have a successful business being you – being just the way you are.  In fact, your ideal clients will love you for all your introverted qualities (they’re actually your secret weapon!).
But I completely understand that right now you may not know how to go about becoming a successful introvert in business. That’s my mission in the world  –  to help you succeed by embracing your introversion rather than fighting it.

Hello! I’m Ann Brown, The Business Coach for Introverts,

and I help heart-centred introverts who struggle to get ‘out there’ with their business. I help them feel confident in attracting paying clients, so they can make the difference in the world they know they’re here to make.


Through my gentle yet steadfast approach, I help my clients to really see…


  • You don’t need to be perfect, you just have to be human (mistakes are ok!)
  • All you need is courage and the boldness to take baby steps outside your comfort zone
  • If you believe you can, then you can. The rest is just learning the how tos.



Ann is an incredibly perceptive, gentle and yet empowering presence alongside you.

She asks wonderful spot on questions that widen the perspective for the life questions you’re looking at.


Dorota Godby Gentle Power Skills www.DorotaGodby.co.uk


I learnt the hard way…

My earliest work was in a research lab, isolated and cut off from people, staring down a microscope all day.  I was very unhappy, and I knew deep down that something was missing. Each subsequent job move took me closer to my ultimate joy of working directly with people to help them with problems.


After having a baby I was drawn to becoming a coach because I felt the urge to do something that made a bigger impact in the world. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives at a deep level. I retrained as a coach in 2007. I’m a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a certified NLP Coach. I trained with International Teaching Seminars (ITS), an NLP coach training organization accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to provide first class coach training.
Having found my joy and passion, I assumed that finding clients would be easy: just get the coaching qualification and clients will magically appear, right??


“I’ve had a lot of coaching over the years, and I have to say Ann, that you’re up there with the best!”

Sarah Kirkpatrick, London, UK.

Oh, how wrong I was …

I had no clue how to find people who would pay me for coaching, and I was terrified to go networking.  I wanted to be credible, to look like I ‘had it all together’. I pretended I knew what I was doing, whilst all the while I was in hiding, not wanting to be seen, scared to show the real me.  

I didn’t have the confidence back then to be honest about how things are, and to feel ok with just being me. I always thought it was a bad thing to be an introvert, and that I was failing as a human because I didn’t enjoy loud parties, small talk or socialising with random strangers, no matter how hard I tried (and I really did try!).

The thought of marketing and promoting myself was completely alien. I didn’t feel like I really had a business, and I didn’t know how to ‘fake it’  (the whole ‘fake it til you make it’ mantra was lost on me).

Gentle.  Powerful.  Insightful.

That’s how I’d describe Ann. Those are three of her strong qualities that I value and benefit from most of all. 

As Ann and I have worked together, I’ve so appreciated her gentleness, which helps me feel seen and truly heard. Working with Ann feels safe.

Within that gentleness, however, is a powerful strength that is incredibly supportive. Ann is like a pillar I can always count on and lean into.

And Ann is so insightful – so the gentleness isn’t just “softness,” and her power isn’t just “boldness.”

Ann brings depth, discernment and wisdom to our work together – far beyond anything I’d be able to conjure on my own. She sees things I don’t, and helps me bring them into clarity so that moving forward with confidence and grace is possible.

At the root of it, all of this means that I deeply trust Ann – with my whole being.

I feel so fortunate to have her in my corner.

Steve Mattus  |  Heart of Business Inc
Director of Education & Community

And now?

Ann Brown introvert

Fast forward a few years and I’ve learned how to talk about what I do, and to feel confident in the value that I offer. When you feel things deeply, it can be overwhelming to put yourself out there in the way that we are told we must to make a business work.  As a highly sensitive introvert (I’m an INFJ on the Myers Briggs scale), I know this from experience.


That’s why I’m so deeply committed to teaching other introverted business owners how to use what they originally thought of as a hindrance to their best advantage.


These days I work with introverted men and women in my one to one coaching packages. I am committed to helping my clients grow their confidence in themselves and what they offer. They learn how to attract paying clients so that they can make the difference in the world they really want to make.
If you’d like that for yourself, and to find out more, then click here to read about how we can work together, or send me a message.

Ann’s “Official” Bio

Ann Brown, founder of Happy Being You, is an entrepreneur, highly sensitive introvert and the UK’s leading expert on overcoming the fear of visibility for introverts in business.

She is a passionate role model and guiding light for heart-centred introverts who struggle with getting ‘out there’ with their business, and who want to step into their power so they can make the difference in the world they are here to make.

Her clients describe her as a ‘steel fist in a velvet glove’; gentle and sensitive yet always making sure they get the results they want. She is dedicated and dependable, using her grounded nature to calmly bring clients back to what’s important. Ann’s vigilance and calm composure help her clients focus and progress.

Ann is an authentic and inspiring speaker, with an important message to share; that no matter how scared you are to be visible, you can learn how to get out of your own way, attract paying clients and make a powerful impact on those you are called to serve.

She lives surrounded by the wilds of nature, with her daughter and Bernese mountain dog.  She loves singing, performing in her local theatre group and taking long walks in the nearby forest.


Click the link to read more about who I work with and some of my offerings.